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We are seeking a talented and experienced Mid-Senior Software Developer with a strong background in Python development (2 years or more), proficiency in working with asynchronous functions, and a demonstrated understanding of OpenAI API integration.

The ideal candidate will also possess knowledge and experience in Docker, database query and development, and be well-versed in using Jira for project management.

Duties & Responsibilities:

• Python Development: Design, develop, and maintain Python applications, ensuring they meet the highest standards of quality and performance. Collaborate with the development team to create efficient and scalable software solutions. Proficient in LLM libraries in Python

• Asynchronous Functions: Develop and implement asynchronous processes and functions to enhance system performance and responsiveness.

• OpenAI API Integration: Leverage expertise in integrating OpenAI API into the software ecosystem to enhance application capabilities. Maintain and improve OpenAI-related features and functionalities.

• Docker: Utilize Docker containers to ensure consistent and reliable deployment and scaling of Python applications. Work on containerization strategies for various software components.

• Database Query and Development: Create, optimize, and maintain database queries to support Python application functionality.

• Jira Experience: Use Jira for project management, tracking issues, and facilitating team collaboration. Ensure efficient and organized project workflows by leveraging Jira’s capabilities

Job Category: Developer
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Canada

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